Comparative study of organizational learning in Slovenia, Croatia, and Malaysia

ESWA coverI’m proud to annouce new SCI indexed publication to be issued in May 2008:

DIMOVSKI Vlado, ŠKERLAVAJ Miha, KIMMAN Mok, HERNAUS Tomislav: Comparative Analysis of the Organisational Learning Process in Slovenia, Croatia, and Malaysia. Expert Systems with Applications, 2008, 34 (4), pp. 3063-3070.

The study compares organizational learning process in 203 Slovenian, 202 Croatian, and 300 large and medium-sized Malaysian companies. The results show that all three countries under scrutiny are closest in terms of behavioural and cognitive changes, meaning that globalisation and other challenges of the modern business environment demand all of them to change and adapt quickly. However, the ways they are coping with these challenges are different. There are more similarities than dissimilarities between Slovenia and Croatia, while this is not the case when comparing both countries to Malaysia. When acquiring information, Slovenian and Croatian companies rely more on internal sources (own employees, past decisions, etc.), while Malaysian companies tend to rely more on external sources and more often have employees dedicated to searching for external information. When trying to interpret the information acquired, Slovenian and Croatian companies rely more on personal contacts, informal team meetings and believe that information given to subordinates must be simple and concise, while Malaysian companies tend to use more formal collective decision-making and written communication to understand the meaning of information.

Here is the full text: ESWA 2008 paper

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