Two interesting papers on learning networks, culture and assessment of the learning organization

Browsing around management literature, I’ve stumbled upon two most interesting pieces that very much correspond to the line of work that myself and my research group are working on.

networkThe first, Liebowitz, J. (2008): ‘Think of others’ in knowledge management: making culture work for you, Knowledge Management Research & Practice, 6, 47-51, stresses the importance of shifting from a knowledge-hoarding to a more knowledge-sharing culture. In particular, it calls upon using social network analysis in the KM field as a techniques to study learning (knowledge flows) within organizations. Obviouslly, the area of intra-organizational learning networks, is truly gaining a momentum.

ice bergThe second, Garvin, D. A., Edmondson, A. C., Gino, F. (2008), Is Yours a Learning Organization?, Harvard Business Review, March 2008, 109-116, aims to popularize a learning organization within practitioner community by offering comprehensive assessment tool that concentrates on three elements: (1) a supportive learning environment, (2) concrete learning processes and practices, and (3) leadership behaviour that reinforces learning.    

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