Guests from business at the Ljubljana Summer School

Today, the Ljubljana Summer School ‘Take the Best from East and West, organized by FELU is coming to an end. In its’ context, my course Learning and knowledge in organizations had by far the largest number of students (38 from eight different countries).  In order to deepen theoretical knowledge and skills obtained throughout the course, I also invited seven guests from five respected Slovenian companies.

Ms. Živa Gorup Reichman and Mr. Janez Kostanjšek (Hermes SoftLab d.d.) have presented knowledge exchange and learning via competence centers. Ms. Sonja Klopčič, MSc (Trimo d.d.) has introduced students to Trimo’s approaches towards development of innovative organizational culture. Mr. Jure Pompe (Xlab d.o.o) has depicted the organizational learning culture within a high-tech company. Ms. Elena Skok and Ms. Argene Superina (Telekom d.d.) gave lecture on human resource management practices aimed at employee learning and knowledge development, while Ms. Jasna Cerar Hribar (Mobitel d.d.) spoke about learning and knowledge management in Mobitel’s call center. Great presentations, vivid discussion – look forward to the next summer school!

Summer School Ljubljana kick-off

summerschoolA three week long summer school Take the best from East and West has just started at Faculty of Economics, Ljubljana, Slovenia. I am proud to say that my course Learning and knowledge in organizations is the number one in terms of students enrolled. Out of 157 participants alltogether, 38 of them chose the course. They come from Austria, Belgium, Germany, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Portugal, Serbia, and Slovenia.