Management International Conference 2009

I’m off to Tunisia, where I’ll be presenting a paper at the Management International Conference 2009 (Sousse). The paper is result of a collaboration with a colleague Jesús David Sánchez de Pablo González del Campo, University of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain). It is titled The Organizational Learning Process as Facilitator of Innovativeness. Below is the abstract:

Due to the relevance of innovativeness in the competitiveness and survival of a company in a constantly changing environment, we have questioned about how to facilitate innovativeness in organizations. Some recent literature presents organizational learning process as the key factor in order for innovation to occur. For this reason, we have tried to analyze the influence of organizational learning process on innovativeness using the partial least square (PLS) approach to structural equation modeling on data from 107 Spanish companies. We understand innovativeness as a combination of innovative culture and product/service and process innovation. Moreover, we have defined organizational learning as a continuous process with four phases. All of them must get to a high importance if firm wants to reach their aims with regard to innovation because the results of our research confirm a positive and significant relation between organizational learning and innovativeness as well as previous researches.