EJIM publication on organizational learning culture in Macedonian companies

Together with our Macedonian colleagues, we published ŠKERLAVAJ, Miha, ČERNE, Matej, KEKENOVSKI, Ljubomir, TEVDOVSKI, Dragan, TRPKOVA, Marija (2011). The organisational learning culture and organisational performance in Macedonian companies. European journal of international management, 5(6): 574-601.

The purpose of the paper is to construct, present and test a model that describes the effect of organisational learning culture on organisational
performance improvement. To this end, we use data of 202 Macedonian companies and empirically test the model via structural equation modelling.
We found that organisational learning culture has a direct and relatively strong  impact on non-financial performance from the employee, customer and
supplier perspective. A direct but relatively smaller effect can be noticed on the financial performance. Managers need to be aware that such norms and values
that ascribe high importance to information acquisition, distribution and interpretation need to be developed in order to achieve higher levels of
organisational performance. The paper contributes to the generalisation of a research model previously tested in more-developed economies based on the
data gathered in Macedonia, a developing country in transition.

The study builds upon our previous awarded and cited paper in International Journal of Production Economics (2007) and aims to generalize by controlling for a different setting of national culture as well as stage of economic development.