Academy of Management, Boston, 2012

Off to Boston, in few days. Sincerely looking forward to visit this vibrant city once again. Even more so I expect with great enthusiasm the ‘Olympics of Management’ – annual Academy of Management Meeting. This year my schedule is particularly busy – among many meeting with dear colleagues and friends, with many of whom we have on-going or future research projects, I am also co-authoring two of the presentations in the conference program:

  • Černe, M., Nerstad, C., & Škerlavaj, M.: Don’t come around here no more: Knowledge hiding, perceived motivational climate, and creativity (Best Conference Paper Proceedings).


  • Černe, M., Jaklič, M., & Škerlavaj, M.: Decoupling management and technological innovation: Unveiling the individualism-collectivism controversy.

SWARM summer school on multilevel methods

After a series of pretty good news on several journal submissions, the time has come to return to Tel Aviv University for a summer school. I am attending a SWARM multilevel workshop with prof. Gilad Chen and enjoying every minute of it. Once again I got the affirmation on how important for a professor it is to invest in oneself for the benefit of research and students.