Time for knowledge transfer

This semester is a teaching-intensive one for me. Beginning October, I was involved in a course at the IMB program (pre-experience MBA) co-teaching ‘Management and organization‘ with prof. Yoav Vardi, world-class expert on organizational bisbehavior and more (Tel Aviv). It was real honor to work again with 45 so diligent and intelligent students  that came to University of Ljubljana Faculty of Economics from around the globe.

Currently, I teach ‘Learning and knowledge management‘ to a group of Erasmus and bilateral exchange students mostly from Europe and Asia. I was also able to attract some trully fascianting guests from practice to make the point: Matevž Leskovšek (Breathing +), Aljoša Huber (Reflecta), Bojan Vrtič (CosyLab/COBIK). I am also enjoying debates on current hot topics in ‘Organizacija in management‘ course with Slovenian graduate students.

Meanwhile, some really amazing news in the research domain are on the horizon. However, let’s leave this as a surprise for now. 🙂