Publication on management innovation in EMR

EMRAgain, I am proud of our little team who made it to another prominent research publication venue, that is European Management Review. We have published a paper on a most promissing topic of management innovation: ČERNE, Matej, JAKLIČ, Marko, ŠKERLAVAJ, Miha. Management innovation in focus : the role of knowledge exchange, organizational size, and IT system development and utilization. European management review, 2013.

Below is the abstract.

This study aims to design and test a model examining the antecedents of management innovation at the organizational level. We propose internal knowledge exchange as a crucial predictor of management innovation and examine the mediating effect of IT system development, as well as the moderating effect of organizational size in the examined relationship. We test the model using structural equation modeling and hierarchical moderated regression analysis on data gathered from 604 firms in three countries: Slovenia, Spain, and South Korea. The results indicate a crucial role of knowledge exchange for management innovation, as this link is positive, very strong and significant in all three countries. In addition, our study provided evidence that knowledge exchange results in management innovation through developed IT systems that enable the information and knowledge to flow within an organization, as well as that the relationship between knowledge exchange and management innovation is hindered by firms’ size.

Interested? Have a read of the full paper.