New normal, new leaders? Time for resilience and post-heroic leadership

This is the title of the chapter I wrote for the scientific monograph The virus aftermath: A socio-economic twist (edited by professors Polona Domadenik, Matjaž Koman, and Tjaša Redek from School of Economics and Business University of Ljubljana). The book (ISBN 978-961-6541-61-9) is an impressive collective effort of the editors, whole generation of IMB students at SEB LU, their dedicated mentors, and other authors. Twenty-second year in a row. It features a set of governance, industrial, organizational, and societal topics relevant to scholars and practitioners alike, and aims to navigate the world during and after the virus.

The chapter focuses on COVID-19 as a wicked problem in a multi-dimensional space. It has medical, economic, business, sociological, technological, organizational, environmental, and psychological aspects that need to be considered simultaneously. An important part of the puzzle are inclusive and collaborative forms of leadership (such as post-heroic) that help build resilient organizations, teams and individuals.