Prosocial motivation – Video @ BI Leadership Toolbox

Research shows that giving- and helping-orientation in social interaction leads to better performance. Prosocial motivation can be a powerful and inexpensive source of performance boosting and this lecture aims to show some of the tools.

In the lecture series “Leaders Toolbox” is Miha Škerlavaj lecturing about “Prosocial motivation: How can internal and external beneficiaries inspire our work?(From BI Business Review, 2013)

BI Leadership toolbox on prosocial motivation

BIOn Friday, October 25th (8:00 – 9:30 AM), my-humble-self, Anders Dysvik and Arne Carlsen will talk to Norwegian executives at the BI Leadership Toolbox seminar series. The hot and emerging topic of prosocial motivation is highly relevant to anybody curious about what truly drives people at work to achieve extraordinary results.

Title:  Prosocial motivation – How can internal and external beneficiaries inspire our work?

Short description: There is increasing evidence that the primary job motivation is relational and other-focused. Prosocial motivation, the desire to protect and promote the well-being of others is an innovative approach to lead people at work. It builds upon the premise that beneficiaries (e.g. customers and coworkers) are best source of inspiration (as opposed to inspiring leaders prevalent in the current literature). Most recent research shows that giving- and helping-orientation in social interaction leads to better performance (creativity and innovation, knowledge sharing, work engagement, sales, accuracy, etc.). Hence, prosocial motivation can be a powerful and inexpensive source of performance boosting and this lecture aims to show some of the tools leaders can use to facilitate prosocial behaviors at work.

Welcome to join at BI Norwegian Business School, Nydalsveien 27, Oslo, Norway and register.

SWARM summer school on multilevel methods

After a series of pretty good news on several journal submissions, the time has come to return to Tel Aviv University for a summer school. I am attending a SWARM multilevel workshop with prof. Gilad Chen and enjoying every minute of it. Once again I got the affirmation on how important for a professor it is to invest in oneself for the benefit of research and students.

Workshop @ Business Hive

Business Hive is an international crowdsourcing initiative of the Faculty of Economics @ University of Ljubljana students organized within the Management Group. They strive to draw together young and fresh minds from all over the globe in order to solve real-life business problems. Within this worthy event, I contributed my humble part with a workshop called A few thoughts on creativity and innovativeness. We shared ideas and experiences related to facilitating creative ideas and converting them into business innovations.  Students from the MG really managed to bring together creative folks and I cannot say anything but keep up the good work.

Visit @ Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki

As a part of my ‘Scandinavian tour’ I payed a short visit to Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki, Finland and gave a one-day workshop on assurance of learning. We also debates some other aspects of quality management at business schools and shared our experiences at Faculty of Economics @ University of Ljubljana. Great discussions and most friendly hosts! And now I am back to BI in Oslo for the rest of my research visit.

Visiting Professor @ BI Norwegian School of Management

I’ll spend whole of the September in Oslo with my kind hosts from BI Norwegian School of Management  (Oslo, Norway) predominantly researching, conducting workshop on quality in higher education, delivering a research seminar on multilevel and network issues in organizational learning, updating my own knowledge base and enjoying yet another cross-cultural experience. It is a great working environment and I am enjoying it. More to come …

Ustvarjalnost + inovativnost = ustvarjativnost

Vabljeni na delavnico Ustvarjativnost – dve strani istega kovanca?, 13.10.2010 na Ekonomski fakulteti Univerze v Ljubljani, CISEF. Svoje izkušnje, primere iz prakse in najnovejša spoznanja iz različnih področij bomo z udeleženci delili Miloš Ebner (direktor strateškega inoviranja skupine Trimo, prvi slovenski ‘Chief Innovation Officer’), Karin Elena Sanchez (uveljavljena moderatorka, poslovni coach, svetovalka in top 10 predavateljica), Almir Flisar (doktor medicine, predavatelj na TEDx konferenci in vsestranski ustvarjalec) ter moja malenkost Miha Škerlavaj v vlogi programskega vodje in raziskovalca s področja inovativnosti.  Podrobnejši program in prijava sta na voljo prek te povezave. Prisrčno vabljeni!

CISEF seminar: Spretnosti in tehnike obvladovanja časa

Na Centru za strokovno izpopolnjevanje in usposabljanje Ekonomske fakultete v Ljubljani zaradi velikega zanimanja ponovno organiziramo seminar z delavnico Spretnosti in tehnike obvladovanja časa (doc.dr. Miha Škerlavaj in doc.dr. Sandra Penger). Dodaten termin je 6.4.2010 med 9.00 in 15.30. Podrobnejši program je na voljo tukaj, prijava pa je možna na tej povezavi. Vabljeni!

ŠPK: Inovativnost in ustvarjalno mišljenje

Vabljeni na Študentsko poslovno konferenco, 23.3.2010 (Ekonomska fakulteta Univerze v Ljubljani). V sklopu le-te bova z Almirjem Flisarjem izvedla tudi delavnico Inovativnost in ustvarjalno mišljenje. Podroben program je na voljo tukaj. Vabljeni!

Tukaj pa je na voljo še TV prispevek o Študentski poslovni konferenci.