Au revouir Paris!

This Monday I was hosted by prof. Emmanuel Lazega (member of my PhD comittee) and Lise Mournier at University Dauphine, Paris to give an invited lecture in the series of seminars on networks in organizations. The presentation I gave was entitled Network perspective to intra-organizational learning, which received a lot of attention from the audience.

As a fringe bennefit to it, Paris in the autumn is more than beautiful! Beside few musts (climbing 668 steps of the Eiffel tower, marvelling the Louvre, impresionists in d’Orsay, Notredame, having a look of Bastille, Luxembourg gardens with house of Senate, being stopped by securty officer infront of Sorbonne University 🙂 , etc), my wife and I had an opportunity to enjoy the pure Nuit blanche (White night, a sleepless night) which coincided with French victory over All Blacks (New Zealand team) at the on-going World Championship in rugby at Stade de France.
Paris, see you again…