Spretnosti in tehnike obvladovanja časa

Vabljeni na seminar Spretnosti in tehnike obvladovanja časa (lastnega in vaših sodelavcev), v organizaciji Centra za poslovno izpopolnjevanje in svetovanje (CISEF) Ekonomske fakultete v Ljubljani, 22.10.2009. Program je na voljo na tej povezavi, prijava pa je možna tukaj.

Time management roadshow

Time management is obviously an issue. Regardless of what is our main profession. That is why I was approached by University of Ljubljana Career center to convey my thoughts on the issue to students of Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, Medical Faculty, and today also Faculty of Law and College of Health Care.   We might be doing quite different things with our life but still, we face very similar challenges when it comes to time management. Our day only has 24 hours … but so was the case with Einsteins’ day, wasn’t it? 

Time management workshop

Time is ticking awayI guess I don’t have to specially emphasize that time is practically the only limited resource we have. How to overcome excessive workload with study and work obligations? How to prioritize? How to manage our time? In cooperation with Center for student and career services I’m holding a workshop for students of Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana  where I’ll present some principles and tools for time management such as time spending analysis, work scheduling, important/urgent matrix, prioritizing, ‘time jar’, critical success factors etc. More informationTime is ticking away…Time is ticking away…