Ustvarjalnost + inovativnost = ustvarjativnost

Vabljeni na delavnico Ustvarjativnost – dve strani istega kovanca?, 13.10.2010 na Ekonomski fakulteti Univerze v Ljubljani, CISEF. Svoje izkušnje, primere iz prakse in najnovejša spoznanja iz različnih področij bomo z udeleženci delili Miloš Ebner (direktor strateškega inoviranja skupine Trimo, prvi slovenski ‘Chief Innovation Officer’), Karin Elena Sanchez (uveljavljena moderatorka, poslovni coach, svetovalka in top 10 predavateljica), Almir Flisar (doktor medicine, predavatelj na TEDx konferenci in vsestranski ustvarjalec) ter moja malenkost Miha Škerlavaj v vlogi programskega vodje in raziskovalca s področja inovativnosti.  Podrobnejši program in prijava sta na voljo prek te povezave. Prisrčno vabljeni!

Guests from business at the Ljubljana Summer School

Today, the Ljubljana Summer School ‘Take the Best from East and West, organized by FELU is coming to an end. In its’ context, my course Learning and knowledge in organizations had by far the largest number of students (38 from eight different countries).  In order to deepen theoretical knowledge and skills obtained throughout the course, I also invited seven guests from five respected Slovenian companies.

Ms. Živa Gorup Reichman and Mr. Janez Kostanjšek (Hermes SoftLab d.d.) have presented knowledge exchange and learning via competence centers. Ms. Sonja Klopčič, MSc (Trimo d.d.) has introduced students to Trimo’s approaches towards development of innovative organizational culture. Mr. Jure Pompe (Xlab d.o.o) has depicted the organizational learning culture within a high-tech company. Ms. Elena Skok and Ms. Argene Superina (Telekom d.d.) gave lecture on human resource management practices aimed at employee learning and knowledge development, while Ms. Jasna Cerar Hribar (Mobitel d.d.) spoke about learning and knowledge management in Mobitel’s call center. Great presentations, vivid discussion – look forward to the next summer school!

Trimo Research Award

Yesterday, there was a splendid event called 7th Trimo Research Awards, which took place in a magnificent surrounding of Božidar Jakac gallery at Kostanjevica na Krki. And I was part of it, as one of the awardees for The Best PhD dissertation. This is a honour and recognition for me to be able to blend modern scientific findings with practical, down-to-earth situations that companies such are facing. Trimo is in many cases an example of good practices and is rigthly considered to be a learning organization. Desire to grow and develop constantly is deep-rooted in their ‘DNA’ – organizational culture. And they know what it means to set bridges among R&D institutions world-wide and their business. Together we are better, stronger, and faster.