Review chapter on organizational learning and performance

Hot from the oven! A new book Koohang, A., Harman, K, & Britz, J. (2008). Knowledge Management: Research and Applications, Informing Science Press was just published. As a part of it, Dimovski, V., and Škerlavaj, M. (myself :-)) published a review chapter Organizational Learning as the Key Towards Improved Organizational Performance.  

It provides a systematic overview of empirical literature on the impact of organizational learning on performance for the period 1990-2006. It also identify methods used and schools of thought (and measurement). The chapter also provides directions for future research that should take into consideration context, multi-levelness, and network perspective to organizational learning.

The hard copy version of the book can be obtained from Informing Science Press, while e-book will be soon available from Google Books (free of charge).

Strategic alliances and organizational culture workshop

Edward ElgarI just came back from Maastricht, Nederlands, where UNU-MERIT (United Nations University & Maastricht Economic and social Research and training center on Innovation and Technology) and Eindhoven University of Technology organized a workshop on importance of organizational culture for success or failure of strategic alliances.

This was a preparatory step for Edward Elgar 2009 book co-edited by Jan Ulijn, Geert Duysters, and Elise Meijers. It will have many most informative cases from pan European, Dutch-Thai, Dutch-Indian, Slovenian-Serb, and Slovenian-Russian strategic alliances showing the importance of national, organizational, and professional cultures for development and management of strategic alliances. TU/e