Time management workshop

Time is ticking awayI guess I don’t have to specially emphasize that time is practically the only limited resource we have. How to overcome excessive workload with study and work obligations? How to prioritize? How to manage our time? In cooperation with Center for student and career services I’m holding a workshop for students of Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana  where I’ll present some principles and tools for time management such as time spending analysis, work scheduling, important/urgent matrix, prioritizing, ‘time jar’, critical success factors etc. More informationTime is ticking away…Time is ticking away…

LA confidential

And here are few photos of Saturday’s LA sightseeing before leaving for the long way back home. Pay attention to the view from the hotel: illuminated Staples sport centre, while our youngster hockey star Anže Kopitar is deciding the game LA Kings versus Dallas Stars6-5.  And of course, Hollywood vista and me (my foot) together with Halle Berry. Last but not least, not to miss, the sunset at the Pacific ocean.

Staples sport centre     Hollywood vista      Halle Berry :-)      Staples Kings - Stars  

AACSB assessment seminar

My school, Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana is working hard to meet highest international quality standards for business schools. Last year we got accredited by European Foundation for Management Development and got EQUIS accreditation for period 2006-2008 which is a big success.In addition to that, we are working towards AACSBaccreditation. In this endeavour, I’m involved as project manager for learning goals assessment. Some people call this role ‘a professional nag’, others ‘a cheerleader’ :-). Nevertheless, it is a challenging task for which I’m attending The assessment seminar in Los Angeles, California. I don’t think I’ve ever represented the whole continent of Europe in single person. I am now!