Visit @ Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki

As a part of my ‘Scandinavian tour’ I payed a short visit to Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki, Finland and gave a one-day workshop on assurance of learning. We also debates some other aspects of quality management at business schools and shared our experiences at Faculty of Economics @ University of Ljubljana. Great discussions and most friendly hosts! And now I am back to BI in Oslo for the rest of my research visit.

Visit to BI Norwegian School of Management

Almost from one plane to another, I’ve moved from mild Spanish sun (with a short pit-stop in Ljubljana) to sharp Norwegian winter. Nonethless, I’ve enjoyed warm hospitality and amazing facilities of my hosts at BI Norwegian school of management in Oslo. This time I was invited as a Chair of quality committee at Faculty of Economics @ University of Ljubljana, Slovenia to share our experience in the field of quality assurance.