Zois recognition 2020

How to establish the age of the oldest preserved wooden wheel in the world? How to create sustainable energy solutions? What is out there in the space? Why do we hide knowledge? How can we continuously innovate? These are some of the research questions recipients of the Slovenian national research and development Zois and Puh awards keep asking themselves. This years ceremony was anything but ordinary. For obvious reasons, interviews, videos, one-on-one award reception at the presidential palace, they were all prerecorded and magically weaved together. For any scientist (by profession or by heart), yesterday’s documentary on RTVSLO 2 must have felt like kid in a candy store. While watching the whole event at the home sofa, I noticed some special sparks in younger pairs of eyes right besides me. Curiosity and wonder – science and research exactly like they are supposed to be.


And now, drums please, the Zois recognition the contribution to the world science about knowledge and innovation management goes to … yours truly. Which feels deeply honoring and simply ecstatic. Worth mentioning, science is a team sport. Therefore, my sincere gratitude goes to all of my coauthors, mentors, colleagues, friends and research support staff that made all of this possible in the first place. The list is long and I will do injustice to many. Hope they will find it in their heart to forgive me. Still, I would like to pay special gratitude to the selected few that contributed most in the period to which recognition is given. They are Matej Černe (SEB LU), Arne Carlsen and Anders Dysvik (both BI), Spencer Harrison (INSEAD), Catherine Connelly (McMaster University), and Christina Nerstad (OsloMet) as well as all the wonderful people at School of Economics and Business University of Ljubljana and BI Norwegian business School. Thank you!


CEEMAN Champion Research Award Interview

In CEEMAN News 70, an interview with myself and doc.dr. Matej Cerne is published. It is within the context of the CEEMAN Champion Research Award we got for our research in the field of managing knowledge, creativity, and innovation. Welcome to read and comment …

CEEMAN Research Award

Cited from FELU webpages:CEEMAN Champions Research Award

The researchers from The Faculty of Economics University of Ljubljana and COBIK, Associate Professor Miha Škerlavaj, PhD and Assistant Professor Matej Černe, PhD have been selected as winners of the 2013 CEEMAN Champions’ Award in the Research category. Launched in 2010, the annual CEEMAN Champion Awards recognize and promote outstanding achievements of faculty, management, and staff from CEEMAN member institutions in the categories of teaching, research, institutional management, and responsible management education. The researchers have been awarded for their work focused on the study of knowledge and innovation management at the level of an individual, team, company, and economy. Such a holistic treatment of factors aimed at examining the context of knowledge, creativity and innovation management was designed to ultimately help organizations understand the conditions to achieve superior business performance and consequently the prosperity of society. Together, they have already published 24 SSCI-ranked papers in esteemed SCI/SSCI indexed journals, including one accepted for publication in The Academy of Management Journal, one of the highest ranked academic outlets in the field of management with a 2012 impact factor of 5.91. They will receive the award personally at the 21th CEEMAN Annual Conference Gala Dinner on September 27, 2013.

Kinda cool, I reckon. 🙂

Lea and Matej in the spotlights

As a mentor I can say, that this is truly a rewarding role. Especially at times like these, where excellent news on my protegees just keep on coming. In was few days ago, when mag. Lea Pfajfar got an award as the Slovenian HR hope 2013 for her master thesis on work engagement and the role of organizational networks and job design. That was in addition to the runner-up award at the Student Business Conference.

Yesterday, dr. Matej Černe was officially promoted to the PhD title at the University of Ljubljana ceremony. It is worth to mention, that Matej is the first Slovenian ever to publish as the first author in Academy of Management Journal and one of four that ever managed to do so.

FELU Award for Research Achievements in 2010

Faculty of Economics @ University of Ljubljana awarded my colleagues and myself for the second time in the last three years with an award for research achievements. This time we got second prize for the paper Škerlavaj, M., Dimovski, V., & Desouza, K. (2010): Patterns and Structures of Intra-Organizational Learning Networks Within a Knowledge-Intensive Organization, Journal of Information Technology, 25(2):189-204.

The abstract. This paper employs the network perspective to study patterns and structures of intra-organizational learning networks. The theoretical background draws from cognitive theories, theories of homophily and proximity, theories of social exchange, the theory of generalized exchange, small-worlds theory, and social process theory. The levels of analysis applied are actor, dyadic, triadic, and global. Confirmatory social network analysis (exponential random graph modeling) was employed for data analysis. Findings suggest: (1) central actors in the learning network are experienced and hold senior positions in the organizational hierarchy; (2) evidence of homophily (in terms of gender, tenure, and hierarchical level relations) and proximity (in terms of geographical and departmental distances) in learning relationships; (3) learning relationships are non-reciprocal; and (4) transitivity and high local clustering with sparse inter-cluster ties are significant for intra-organizational learning networks.

Some pics from the event are available at the following link.

In good company: this time among SSRN top 3

Good news, an article Skerlavaj, Miha, Song, Ji Hoon and Lee, Youngmin (2010), Organizational Learning Culture, Innovative Culture and Innovations in South Korean Firms (March 24, 2010). Expert Systems with Applications,  seems to spark a significant amount of interest among colleagues worldwide and was ranked 3rd at the Top 10 downloaded list within the Innovation and Organisational Behavior category.

Top Ten @ SSRN again

Our paper Transactional and Transformational Leadership Impacts on Organizational Learning, JEEMS (2009), was recently listed on Social Science Research Network’s (SSRN) Top Ten download list for ORG: Organizational Learning. It is available here.

Top 10 cited 2007-2010!

I am both proud and happy to announce that the paper Škerlavaj, M., Štemberger, M.I., Škrinjar, R., & Dimovski, V. (2007): Organizational learning culture—the missing link between business process change and organizational performance, International Journal of Production Economics, 106(2):346-367 was awarded as Top 10 most cited papers in the journal between year 2007 and 2010! Another great confirmation and inducement for future work.

9th Trimo Research Awards

It is a wonderful thing to be successfu by oneself. And it is even better to help others to achieve their own personal success. Last year I’ve had a privilige of being mentor to two bachelor and two master theses that were yesterday awarded prestigious Trimo research awards: (1) Tomaž Bartolj for his work on maturity to compete on business analytics, (2) Ula Mejaš on transformational leadership, (3) Lara Madotto on emotional intelligence and employee satisfaction, and (4) Jure Pompe on innovative organizational culture. Congratulations to them all!

FELU Award for The Best Scientific Journal Article

It is my great honour to say that our article Dimovski, V,  Škerlavaj, M., Kimman, M., Hernaus, T. (2008). Comparative analysis of the organisational learning process in Slovenia, Croatia, and Malaysia. Expert syst. appl., 34(4): 3063-3070 got  award for The best scientific journal article published by Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana faculty in the year 2008. The privilege is even greater if I mention that it faced tough competition of 42 SSCI and SCI ranked FELU articles and that in was the winner of the first such tournament to take place at FELU.