Digitalna preobrazba – (de)humanizacija dela?

… je naslov decembrske, zadnje letošnje kolumne v Delu. V njej pišem o (navideznem) razpotju, na katerem so se znašle organizacije v času korone. Algoritemski management in nadzor ali zaupanje in humanizacija posla? Odločitev je vaša, posledice bodo vidne tudi v času, ko bo korona le še oddaljen spomin. Vabljeni k branju.

Vir: Škerlavaj, Delo 21.12.2020,

Zois recognition 2020

How to establish the age of the oldest preserved wooden wheel in the world? How to create sustainable energy solutions? What is out there in the space? Why do we hide knowledge? How can we continuously innovate? These are some of the research questions recipients of the Slovenian national research and development Zois and Puh awards keep asking themselves. This years ceremony was anything but ordinary. For obvious reasons, interviews, videos, one-on-one award reception at the presidential palace, they were all prerecorded and magically weaved together. For any scientist (by profession or by heart), yesterday’s documentary on RTVSLO 2 must have felt like kid in a candy store. While watching the whole event at the home sofa, I noticed some special sparks in younger pairs of eyes right besides me. Curiosity and wonder – science and research exactly like they are supposed to be.

And now, drums please, the Zois recognition the contribution to the world science about knowledge and innovation management goes to … yours truly. Which feels deeply honoring and simply ecstatic. Worth mentioning, science is a team sport. Therefore, my sincere gratitude goes to all of my coauthors, mentors, colleagues, friends and research support staff that made all of this possible in the first place. The list is long and I will do injustice to many. Hope they will find it in their heart to forgive me. Still, I would like to pay special gratitude to the selected few that contributed most in the period to which recognition is given. They are Matej Černe (SEB LU), Arne Carlsen and Anders Dysvik (both BI), Spencer Harrison (INSEAD), Catherine Connelly (McMaster University), and Christina Nerstad (OsloMet) as well as all the wonderful people at School of Economics and Business University of Ljubljana and BI Norwegian business School. Thank you!