9th Trimo Research Awards

It is a wonderful thing to be successfu by oneself. And it is even better to help others to achieve their own personal success. Last year I’ve had a privilige of being mentor to two bachelor and two master theses that were yesterday awarded prestigious Trimo research awards: (1) Tomaž Bartolj for his work on maturity to compete on business analytics, (2) Ula Mejaš on transformational leadership, (3) Lara Madotto on emotional intelligence and employee satisfaction, and (4) Jure Pompe on innovative organizational culture. Congratulations to them all!

Networks for generating and for validating ideas: The social side of creativity

We have just published a journal article than connects social network analysis and creativity: Ohly, S., Kaše, R., & Škerlavaj, M.: Networks for generating and for validating ideas: The social side of creativity. Innovation: Management, Policy, and Practice, 12(1): 41-52.

In recent years, research has recognized that creativity is a social process. By
communicating with others, individuals get access to novel perspectives and unique
knowledge, and they can get political support for their ideas by ensuring that they meet
others’ standards. Based on the different function of idea-related communication, we expected
the structure of idea-generation networks to differ from that of idea-validation networks.
Specifically, we expected different effects of leadership status and tenure. Our results
indicated some differences in the structure of the two networks. This leads to the
recommendation that future research on idea-related communication and creativity needs to
distinguish the different phases of the creative process.
Keywords: Idea generation, implementation, social network, social support, communication,