Academy of Management 2020 … online

The Academy of Management Meeting 2020, our annual ‘Olympics’ for management scholars are well on the way. Instead of gathering at magnificent Vancouver we moved to the cyberspace. Despite the geographical and time-distance, 7,600 of us from all across the globe are enjoying numerous ongoing intellectually stimulation conversations.

If you are interested in creativity and innovation, do join us at the real-time showcase symposium Broadening Our Insight: Bridging and Blurring Boundaries Between Creativity and Innovation (session 258) with organizing team and researchers Spencer Harrison (INSEAD), Arne Carlsen (BI Norwegian Business School), discussant Teresa Amabile (Harvard Business School), my humble-self Miha Škerlavaj (Ljubljana University and BI NBS) and our star researchers Brian Lucas and Lily Ellis (Cornell University), Pat Reilly (University of British Columbia), Khwan Kim and Noah Askin (INSEAD), Collin Fisher and Mel Hua (University college London). One more hour to go and we are on!