Book Post-Heroic Leadership just published

Thrilled and excited about the fact that my brand new book Post-Heroic Leadership. The book sets out to categorize the context, process, and outcomes of post-heroic leadership. Complexities of the modern business environment along with the fundamental functioning of human psychology require us to make a paradigm shift in the way we perceive and practice effective leadership. I argue that in order for businesses to succeed in the times to come, leaders need to move away from ego-centered leadership toward post-heroic leadership – a leadership that emphasizes servant and shared practices puts task and collective front and center and leaders’ ego in the background. Providing a deeper understanding of the post-heroic leadership across industries and disciplines, the book starts by elaborating on the zeitgeist and need for a new type of leadership. It highlights the process and elements of post-heroic leadership in action, such as post-heroically leading change, developing a culture of trust with feedback, and sustainable and responsible post-heroic leadership. Finally, the book focuses on the outcomes of post-heroic leadership, including resilience and innovation. Featuring mini-case studies from leaders in healthcare, family entertainment, ICT, haute cuisine, and manufacturing to name a few, this book provides a thorough understanding of this new wave of leadership and a platform for further research.

Profoundly grateful to all the contributors!

Škerlavaj M. (2022): Post-Heroic Leadership. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

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